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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Dear freelancer, 


A small team of NUS graduates is conducting research about whether there is a need for additional support for people who don't have access to paid sick or carers leave.


They are hoping to convene some small group discussions to better understand the needs and opinions of Singaporeans.

They are interested in speaking with taxi drivers, real estate agents, creatives, coaches or other workers who do not have paid sick leave from an employer.

(Note:  if you have an entitlement to paid leave when you cannot go to work due to sickness then you are not the suitable for this survey).


They will convene small group discussions at a time that suits you, over zoom or the phone, for about 50 minutes.

Each participant will be paid $20 for their time paid via paylah. All discussions are confidential and no personal information will be stored or sold.


If you'd be willing to support this research by having a conversation with the researchers, Kate, Deepakshi and Priya, please apply.


Weekdays Tuesday - Friday (12:30-1:45pm except on Monday)

                                   evenings 5-7pm would work for the team.


If there are individuals/groups who can't fit into these time slots - please do let us know, we can try to work around your schedules as well.

Supported by. NTUC UFSE

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